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dancing stormtrooper

I managed to remember to tape the Jake 2.0 marathon last night on Sci-fi. I love this show. Unfortunately, it's another Firefly. Awesome show, great plot, one season. Suprisingly enough, I can't blame Fox for yanking this one. I think it aired on UPN at first.

Stupid television networks. *sulks*

I do want to know if Jake can get an entire sentence out without stuttering in an endearingly dorky fashion. So far he hasn't.

And he's a REALLY bad liar. How are people not calling him on it? Maybe they get their water from the same place that Metropolis does.

LOLZ! I love the doctor that is so obviously crushing on Jake. "Do you know what happens if you fail? I don't get my Nobel Prize. And I REALLY want my Nobel Prize. I want the money, I want the fame and I want the medal. So all this 'I'd don't think I can do it.' crap is not going to work. If I don't get my Nobel Prize, I'm going to have to kick your nanobot butt."

Okay, done with plugging this show for everyone. (Seriously, go watch it.) School starts next week. This is my last weekend of guilt free leisure. Because starting next week, I'll have this little voice in the back of my head saying "You really should study. Why aren't you studying? You need to be studying." And then, undoubtedly, there will be term papers and the stress should really start.

Okay, as far as that Dailylit.com thing went, it turns out that it's impossible to read a Jane Austen novel bit by bit. Sorry, I love Pride and Prejudice just as much as the next person, assuming of course, that the next person actually likes P&P, but Austen novels must be read in as much of a glob as you possibly can. At least for me they do. Otherwise I forget things.

And these daily e-mail snippets are not conducive to my memory.

So I swapped out Emma for Hound of the Baskervilles. Holmes is a bit of a jerk, isn't he? Poor Watson.

I so want pizza. I would kill for pizza. One of my coworkers had pizza on friday and when she heated it up and brought it back to her office, the lovely smell of pizza ended up permeating every single area of the office.

I would kill for pizza.